MIDI mapping for PICratchBOX

In order to play PrB, you will need MIDI mapping file. It is very
complicated and time consuming job to do. However, some
of you have already seen our videos on Vimeo and wondering
how we did our MIDI mapping. So here's what we did. Please
download the file from the link below.
DOWNLOAD : PrB_mapping.tsi
For those who haven't seen our video yet. Please take a look here.
Once you open Preferences in Traktor Scratch, you will find
"Import" button on the bottom left of the window, then you
click the "Import" and choose the PrB_mapping.tsi which you
have just downloaded from the link above.
Controller Manager in Traktor Preferences
Once you have done this, your whole setting wil be changed
to PrB_mapping.tsi.
If you want to know more about our mapping. you can see
them in Preferences/Controller Manager.
Next time. We will show you haw to use PrB_mapping file.
Stay tuned.
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