PICratchBOX MIDI mapping assign
– Introduction –

PrB has 4×4 pads and 8 knobs on the top half panel and 2 up faders,
a cross fader and 4×2 pads on the bottom half of the panel.  We are
going to break down about  4×4 pads in this post. (will show you
about 4×2 pads in later post.)

–  4×4 pads has 4 different layers.-
4 pads on the top raw switches your layers which is assigned like these
Layer 1. is assigned with 8 different effects and parameters.
Layer 2. is assigned with individual  effects ON/OFF switches.
Layer 3. is assigned with Gain Control (Hi and Mid ) Play, Pause,
Sync, ON/OFF switches for FX 1-4, Key, Filter.
Layer 4. is assigned with track search, track load, Monitor ON/OFF,
and an Extra Gain Control (Hi, Mid and Low.)
So you can pretty much do everything with these mapping. We hope
you are more clear about what we did to our mapping.
Next post will be about Searching tracks and etc… Stay tuned!

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