Download List

Logic Schematic & Layout
All files are licensed under CC by-SA 3.0
PICnome64 v1.1 Logic PCB PDF(sch / brd)
PICnome128 v1.1 Logic PCB PDF(sch / brd)
tkrworks Original Pad PCB PDF(brd)
PICnome Eagle Files (zip)
PICratchBOX Eagle Files (zip)

Firmware (including INF files for Windows and Program loader apps)
– Latest version (PICnome64/128 v1.1 or later and PICratchBOX)

Fader Curve Adjustment Tool(for PICratchBOX_MIDI) (Mac OS X standalone app.)
MIDI mapping file for Traktor Scratch Pro/Pro2
PICnome Test Program (for Max/MSP)

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