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PICratchBOX firmware for OpenSound Control
[reviced on Jan. 7th, 2012]

TweetWe've released PICratchBOX firmware v1.0.5 for OpenSound Control. And all source codes are released under GNU GPL v3.   Hex / GitHub repository

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PICratchBOX firmware for Traktor Scratch

TweetWe've released PICratchBOX firmware v1.0.11 for Traktor Scratch. All source codes are released under GNU GPL v3.   GitHub repository is here.   * PrB firmware is developed on MPLABX which is released at no charge by Microchip. And PrB

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MIDI mapping for PICratchBOX

TweetIn order to play PrB, you will need MIDI mapping file. It is very complicated and time consuming job to do. However, some of you have already seen our videos on Vimeo and wondering how we did our MIDI mapping.

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