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Schematics & Boards collection for PICratchBOX

Tweet   DOWNLOAD : prb-circuits.zip (The main board is the same as PICnome64 v1.1.)   prb-circuits by Shunichi Yamamoto is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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Fader Curve/Reverse Adjustment for PICratchBOX

TweetWe kept PrB design minimum.   You won't find knob for fader curve or reverse change switch anywhere on the surface. So we made program called the PrB_fs with Max6.    

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PICnomeSerial v1.4.18 & Lion Compatible!

TweetI've released PICnomeSerial v1.4.18.   Download is here.   The changes in this version is as follows.   1. Supported the operation on Mac OS X 10.7(Lion). 2. Supported native instruments reaktor OSC communication.   Also, the document about PICnomeSerial

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