PICratchBOX MIDI mapping assign
– Cue point –

PrB Mapping HotCue(Play & Add)
PrB Mapping HotCue(Remove)

1. Adding Hotcue
* When track is loaded to either DeckA or B, PrB pad will lit
if the track is Hotcued.
2. Playing Hotcued track
3. Switching Hotcue 1-4 to 5-8
* When in Layer 1,2 or 3, You can switch hot cue layer by pressing
shift A(Hotcue 1-4) or shift B(Hotcue 5-8). You can also edit your
hotcue mappings there. You won't lose your toggle settings in
shift A and shift B by switching main layers.
4. Deleting Hotcue
* When the Modifier#4 toggle pad is left active in layer 4.It remains
actiev in layer 1,2 and 3 as well.
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– Cue point –
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– Cue point –"
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