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pic2osc v1.6.01

TweetWe've released pic2osc v1.6.01.   The GUI of pic2osc is renewed and supported the latest fimware of PICratchBOX OSC version.   Mac ver. / Win ver. / GitHub repository

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PICratchBOX f/w for OSC v1.0.06

TweetWe've released PrB firmware for OSC v1.0.06.   The USB descriptor is changed because we get the original PID for OSC firmware.   Hex / GitHub repository

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pic2osc v1.5.04 release
[reviced on Jan. 7th, 2012]

Tweet   We've released pic2osc(old name is PICnomeSerial) v1.5.04.   Mac ver. / Win ver. / GitHub repository   The change logs are as follows.   0. Renewed application icon. 1. Supported PICratchBOX_OSC firmware. 2. Added osc messages '/adc/enable', '/adc/type'

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