Fader Curve/Reverse Adjustment for PICratchBOX

We kept PrB design minimum.
You won't find knob for fader curve or reverse change switch
anywhere on the surface. So we made program called
the PrB_fs with Max6.
The PrB_fs let you customize your fader adjustment as easy as
ABC. Choose the curve pattern from 0 → 7(sharp → open).
Reverse setting can be changed by switching ON/OFF.
Your fader settings will be saved automatically. So, You don't
need to do this again every time you load Traktor Scratch.
The PrB_fs can be downloaded from the link below.
PrB_fs : Mac version(Standalone) / Win version(require Max6 Runtime)
Next time. We will be showing how to import MIDI mapping file to Traktor Scratch.
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