[RENEW] PICrouter – for making musical devices

Recently, we've developed the prototyping board for musical instruments
and controllers.
This is our PICrouter. We intend to bridge OpenSound Control and USB by it.
PICrouter v0.93
The specifications are as follows.
1. Supported Open Sound Control.
2. Supported USB device(MIDI and HID composite) and host function.
3. Supported USB HID bootloader on Mac OS X and Windows
4. PIC32MX675F512H(Freq:80MHz/FLASH:512K/RAM:64K)
5. A/D ports x14
6. PWM output x4
7. SPI x2, I2C x3, UART x1, JTAG x1
8. in/out Digital ports x4
9. 100mm x 33.5mm, 4-layers board
PICrouter v0.93 overview
Also, we're going to release the schematics and board datas based on
Creative Commons and the firmware source codes based on GPL.
Because this is also "Free Hardware" same as PICnome and PICratchBOX.


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